XP DEUS™ Metal Detector w/ WS4 Wireless Backphone Headphones, Remote & 11" X35 Coil


The XP DEUS (pronounced day-uhs) is a wireless detector that is lightweight and compact which extends or folds away in seconds. At 2 pounds, the XP DEUS offers exceptional comfort, speed and performance. The XP DEUS is the result of years of research and development by the XP engineering team. This detector sets new benchmarks in metal detection design and performance. The design is built on three wireless elements:


  • Search Coil
  • Digital LCD Display Remote
  • Audio Headphones

The three devices communicate with one another via a digital wireless link developed specifically for metal detecting. This patented design provides crystal clear audio and exceptionally efficient power consumption. DEUS features a superior ergonomic stem design that is comfortable and easy to use. A durable molded rubber grip provides an improved operating angle for hours of fatigue free use. The arm cup is produced from a unique plastic resin that is both durable and flexible. 


The DEUS's extremely fast speed finds good targets next to junk because the entire detector is built in to the search coil. Unlike traditional metal detectors, a wire is no longer required to convey the signal. The target signal is digitized and analyzed instantly and directly at the source by an ultra-miniature digital circuit. This revolutionary new design improves the quality of signal acquisition and produces superior power, speed and precision. The pure digital format allows you to adjust the power, reactivity and target recovery speed to be as fast as you desire.


The DEUS is super powerful and in just one click you can change frequency, power or recovery. An all digital design means that there is now no need to buy multiple detectors for different types of treasure hunting. You can adjust every characteristic of the DEUS. Choose your frequency from the preset options of 4 kHz, 8 kHz,12 kHz and 18 kHz. Choose from one of 10 preset factory programs or one of 8 user customizable programs and start detecting.


The DEUS is simple to use for a beginner and provides advanced options for experienced users. Settings are easily adjustable with the headphones and LCD remote display independently or together which puts you in complete control of the DEUS at all times; plus the wireless design means that there are no more hang-ups. The weatherproof wireless headphones are designed and custom molded specifically to endure the rigors of metal detecting. The electronics, digital LCD display and controls are encapsulated in a weatherproof disc on one side of the headset. Just slide the electronics off and snap on a new headband at any time. Control the most important features of the detector through the headphones: Ground Balance, Frequency, Discrimination, Sensitivity, Volume and Custom Programs. The bright, backlit LCD remote display comes in a hip mount case. Intuitive menus control the audio response, iron level, tones, notch, discrimination and all advanced features. Select the type of ground balance that works best for you. Choose from tracking, pumping, manual and beach options. On screen graphics walk you through ground balancing.


The XP DEUS X35 Search Coils are designed around brand new electronic advances, these new high performance and versatile coils will allow you to choose from a wide range of frequencies ranging from 3.7kHz to 27.7kHz. In total there are 35 available frequencies, based around 5 main frequencies that are quickly accessible. A new Boost mode is now an option on frequencies 3.7Khz to 4.4 kHz and can significantly increase detection depth on highly conductive targets, such as large masses and large silver coins. For added performance on such targets, the larger coil 11” round coil is recommended.


The USB connection means you can upgrade anytime and always be current with the latest software. You can get the latest software updates online by simply plugging the USB cable into the DEUS remote and the other end into your computer. Follow the prompts and your detector will be updated with the most current features.




  • WS4 Wireless Backphone Headphones
  • Headphone Storage Case
  • Wireless LCD Remote Control Display Screen
  • 11” X35 Coil with Fully Telescopic S Handle Stem
  • Search Coil Cover
  • Hip mount case for Wireless Remote Control Display Screen
  • USB Connection Cable with One Mini-B Plug
  • USB Connection Cable with Three Mini-B Plugs
  • 110 Volt Power Supply Transformer/Charger
  • Connection Clamp For Recharging The Coil
  • Complete Coil Hardware & Spare Parts - 2 Screws, 2 Wing Nuts, 1 Washer, 1 Spacing Washer
  • Detailed Owners Manual
  • 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty - All warranty service is completed in the USA
  • Search Coil
    • 11" X35 Coil
    • Includes coil cover
    • Includes hardware
    • Carbon fiber infused DD
    • Light weight
    • Waterproof 
    • Contains metal detector electronics
    • Battery Life: +/- 20 hours (depending on power and frequency)
  • X35 Coil Main Characteristics
    • Total of 35 frequencies (5 main frequencies with 7 wide offsets 3.7 to 4.4kHz, 7.1 to 8.4kHz, 10.5 to 12.4kHz, 15.2 to 17.8kHz, 23.5 to 27.7kHz)
    • Selectable frequency offset without loss of performance
    • TX power adjustment is available on all frequencies and offsets
    • Special Low frequency TX Boost feature
    • Normal or Boost option (the transmitted power has 2 selectable levels when using frequencies 3.7Khz to 4.4kHz)
    • The BOOST mode significantly increases the transmission power of the transmitting coil, allowing greater detection levels if the soil conditions allow
    • TX boost is a special mode, the battery life of the coil may be reduced down to 6 hours
    • The overall battery life of the x35 coil has improved on most frequencies by +10% to +40%
    • High frequencies 23- 27.7kHz (excellent sensitivity to low conductive targets and small targets)
    • Better overall stability
    • The X35 coils are available in 9” (22cm), 11” (28cm) and 13” x 11” (34 / 28cm) and will work with the DEUS in version 5

DEUS Metal Detector Full - 28cm Coil (11"), RC & WS4 - X35